About the brand


It seems intangible. Fleeting. Ethereal, almost.

I know I’m not the only person to have walked into a room and forgotten why I’m there.

But the things that really matter; the memories we want to hold and keep with us, those shouldn’t be fleeting.

I learned that one early, helping my grandfather in his jewellery workshop. He spent his days in the details, crafting unique pieces with true permanence - I still have the rings he made me today.

That was the real beginning of Verse Fine Jewellery. From those long afternoons at my grandfathers side, through study at Central Saint Martins, to launching the brand in 2017.

Today, we hand make one-of-a-kind, made-to-order personalised jewellery in 18k solid gold for people all around the world. These future heirlooms are finely-crafted, permanent, and sustainably produced.

On the surface, we work in gold. But I prefer to think we work in the medium of memory.

The things we make don’t just look beautiful, they make our memories tangible. They remind us of the people, experiences and life events we want to remember forever, every time we look at them.

You made the memories. We'll make them last forever.