Mama Muse Natalie Lucchitti - Woonona, Australia

Mama Muse Natalie Lucchitti - Woonona, Australia

Name: Natalie Lucchitti

DOB: 27th December 1981

Place of birth: Bulli, Sydney, Australia

Occupation: ENJO consultant and Muma

1. Did you always know you wanted to become a Mama?

Yes, always! 

2. What are some items in your life you cannot live without?

I can’t live without coffee! It’s the first thing I drink in the morning, and I literally can’t function without it. I also can’t live without my carbohydrates: bread, pizza and pasta! My kids and husband would say I can't live without my phone. I’d agree with them. I love talking and keeping in touch with family and friends, but I also love the photos it takes. Some of my most precious memories were captured on my phone.

3. What are some grocery items that are in your basket every single week?

Coffee, pasta, tomatoes, cheese, lemons, eggs, salami, olive oil, flour (for making pizza), and lots of fruits and vegetables. I also love chips, ice-cream and can’t forget the chocolate. My favourite is Haigh’s milk chocolate speckles. If I lived close to a store, I would buy them every week -  lucky I don’t!

4. What are your most important values?

The values I try to install daily in my life (and in my kids) are respect, compassion, loyalty, honesty and kindness. Always show respect and compassion. You may not always agree with someone, but you may learn something new by staying open-minded. Loyalty is also a big thing for me. I’ve been taken advantage of in the past and had to learn hard life lessons about true friendships. And finally, always remember to be kind and honest to everyone. But especially to yourself.

5. How do you ground yourself in stressful times?

I like to sit in the sun with bare feet on the grass or sit on the sand and listen to music. You may find me just laying in bed, watching tv or a movie. Sometimes I go for a walk down the beach with a friend or just call them up for a chat. I love cooking. Especially when I make pizza. It’s so calming kneading dough and lighting up the wood fire oven. There’s nothing quite like watching the pizzas cook near the flames. 

6. What would your perfect day be like? Describe it. 

I wake up late on a warm, clear blue sky summer day. I enjoy a beautiful coffee, followed by a delicious bacon and egg breakfast. When lunch rolls around, I fire up the pizza oven and cook up a storm - surrounded by friends and family. We then relax around the pool. When the party's over, a magical fairy comes and cleans up the mess.

7. What’s in your bag right now?

Hand sanitiser and a mini bottle of my new favourite perfume, Diptyque Eau Capitale. I am obsessed with the scent.

8. What is Mama best at?

Lots of hugs and every night telling my kids I love them more than all the Stars in the Sky and more than coffee. (they know how much I love coffee)

I also tell Paddy I love him more than all the dirt bikes in the world (he is motorbike obsessed)

9. What are your favourite mid-week dinner treats?

We love making popcorn and eating ice-cream.

10. What do you love about being a Mama?

I love big hugs and kisses I get every morning. I love watching them learn something new. I love when they write me notes or make me something. I love watching the kid’s eyes light up on Christmas morning. I love when they tell me they love me.

11. What do you find the hardest thing about being a Mama?

I don’t get as much one on one time with my husband. I also miss not being able to go to the toilet or have a shower by myself.

12. What are your go to beauty and favourite brands?

I love makeup even though I don’t wear it often (and I actually don't really know how to apply it very well). Currently, I love Giorgio Armani foundation, Kevyn Aucoin mascara, Hourglass primer and NARS blush and bronzer. For lipsticks, I love Tom Ford and NARS. I always use my Sante makeup removers every day - even if it is just to cleanse my skin. 

13. How do you manage to stay in shape?

I enjoy Pilates, Boxing and walking with friends. It has never been about weight loss and physical appearance, I do it more for mental stimulation and socialisation.

14. What are your favourite places to go in Sydney?

When I’m not visiting family in Annandale, I love going to Lucky Kennis Hairdressing in Mosman. Fortunately, the salon belongs to my best friend who spoils me. I also love going out for a beautiful dinner with my husband at Buon Ricordo in Paddington.

15. What are your favourite things to do together?

We love travelling, dirt bike rides and going out for dinner together.

16. Any Travel tips with small children or a new baby?

When you travel with babies, the Babybjorn portacot is a great investment. It is light, easy to carry around, and has a thick mattress. It makes sleep time easy wherever you are. Since our babies were used to sleeping in this cot, it wasn’t such a shock travelling. 

When you travel with children, remember to bring extra snacks, fruits and vegetables for the plane. I’d also recommend cheap noise-cancelling headphones. Another great tip is to get study backpacks for the kids so they can carry their water bottles, headphones, neck pillows and toys. The deal is - whatever they bring, they must carry. 

17. Where is your favourite place to vacation with your family?

Two years ago we took the kids to Abruzzo in Italy. It’s the birthplace of their grandfather. We had the best time in the village and can't wait to go back. We also enjoy going for mini-vacations to the family farm in the Blue Mountains.

18. What is your signature style and favourite fashion brands?

I had no idea how to answer this question, so I phoned a friend. My bestie said, “Your style is classic with a bit of an original edge. You don’t follow trends just because everyone is following them. You often pick pieces you love, that later become the ‘in’ thing. Just like my beautiful Verse star necklace.”

Natalie wears a Verse star necklace in 18k solid yellow gold.

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