Since her debut, Emma Swann has insisted that her jewellery is made to the highest standard of quality. This is the tradition of the high artisan jeweller. From the creative process, through to the stone selection and manufacturing to the finished piece, we employ ethical principles of supply and production throughout.

The Verse edition stamp that you will find in all our jewellery not only guarantees the authenticity and traceability of your piece; it is also the symbol of our ethical commitment, guaranteeing each item's superior quality and preciousness. Jewellery to pass onto the next generation.

Exceptional Gemstones: Emma handpicks every centre stone based on its individual and intrinsic beauty. She believes that every stone has a story to tell, whether through its physical properties or its characteristics.

Commitment: We guarantee that all our diamonds are conflict-free, based on personal knowledge and written guarantees provided by established and trusted stone suppliers. Our centre stones are all GIA certified.

Precious materials: The gold we use for all our bridal designs is strictly 18-carat gold, which is 750 parts per thousand pure gold. We use this grade of gold for its preciousness and its malleability. All our metals, whether white gold, gold, or platinum, are hallmarked, bestowing a 700-year history of integrity and craftsmanship.

Unique craftsmanship: Long established relationships with our workshops enable us to certify that your piece of jewellery has been crafted to the highest quality standards in the jewellery world.

Incomparable creativity: Since Emma designed her first piece of jewellery in 1987- her rasison d' être has been to give life to her magical dreams and creative desires by combining traditional jewellers techniques with innovative processes, making every single piece of our jewellery a miniature work of art.





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